6 Easy Hangover Cures

6 Easy Hangover Cures

Each hangover is unique – ranging from sleep-all-day to this-is-how-I-die. But no matter what level you’re at – these five tips should help you get back to normal –  or at least functional.


Obviously. And none of this Gatorade/Powerade stuff. Do it the old fashioned way and hydrate yourself with plenty of water (coconut, lemon, cucumber) or tea.


Exercise is painful to even think about when I’m hungover, but it is extremely beneficial if you can gather enough strength to do it. Hot yoga is amazing for this, as it allows all the toxins to be released from your pores.


I use a shower puff – but any type of exfoliating tool will do. I take a hot shower and scrub my entire body from my shoulders to my toes. Once I emerge I feel like I’ve successfully removed all the alcohol and regretted text messages from my system.


After a night of drinking your body is in overdrive trying to recuperate and set all your levels back to “normal” – so why not treat it to a little TLC? Take your vitamins and your body will thank you.


Boil a cup of hot water and add some lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and turmeric. I suggest sipping on this with some food, as it quite strong. This always helps me feel better, cleaner and more awake!


When I’m hungover all I can think about is a very large veggie sub. I don’t know what it is about them – they always seem to hit the spot. But if I instead focus on eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains, I end up feeling much better, much faster. My skin thanks me too.


I hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve filled with positive vibes! I’m so ready to #slay 2017.

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