Wellness Exercise: Mindfulness

Wellness Exercise: Mindfulness

In a society full of stressed-out, overworked and underpaid individuals – “mindfulness” seems to be a popular buzzword amongst everyone. And rightfully so, as it has changed many people’s lives for the better.

Society today is fast and noisy. It has become so easy to lose ourselves and our perspectives in the muck of it all.

I feel that a lot of us lack clarity in many areas of our lives. Not having a clear vision for ourselves has created space between who we currently are and who we want to be. This gap causes negative emotions to rise such as anxiety, jealousy, fear and frustration. We end up holding ourselves back from reaching our goals or creating our own realities by simply not taking the time to be present.

In order to be successful, happy and open to receiving new opportunities – we must take the time to be mindful and appreciate the world around us.

Upon waking:

When we rise, the best thing we can do for ourselves as well as the direction of our lives is take a moment to count the things we are grateful for.

In doing so, we are automatically raising our frequencies and setting the tone for the day. We set ourselves up for success instead of flooding our brains with unimportant information from our multiple newsfeeds.

By making this simple shift, you’ll be able to approach anything that comes your way with more ease and grace – creating confidence within yourself and your future.

While we eat:

Eating on-the-go, at our desks or in front of the TV is so common now a days. Many of us don’t take the time to sit down and eat mindfully. We don’t enjoy each meal for what it is or appreciate the variety of flavour every bite offers.

This leaves us feeling unsatisfied and continuously hungry as our body hasn’t properly registered that it’s consumed something of value.

Even our food choices aren’t mindful – as most of us want what is the quickest, cheapest or most convenient.

Before you inhale your next meal, take the time to practice mindfulness. Breathe and appreciate what is front of you. Avoid eating on-the-go or in front of the TV and allow the meal to become an experience rather than a task.

During our commute:

Commutes can be annoying AF.

Traffic, germs or even the negative energies of the people around you – all of these things can completely negate any effort we put into practicing mindfulness.

But instead of dreading this time – we can look at it as a window of opportunity. An opportunity to enrich your mind or empty it. Listening to a podcast, an audiobook or meditation tapes are sure ways to recalibrate our minds. They can move us away from any negative elements in our paths.

If you’re a public transit user – you could also take this time to open a note app on your phone and jot down any thoughts or ideas you may have.

Instead of just moving through the motions of your daily commute – allow this time to contribute to your advancement. Being mindful of every moment we have in this life is an important factor when it comes to achieving success and manifesting our goals.

When we socialize:

Many of us don’t think before we speak. We go through life reacting to social engagements rather than responding to them.

When we find ourselves in social environments, setting an intention of how we want to communicate with everyone can benefit us immensely.

If I know I am going to an event or a scenario where I will be engaging with many different personality types, I will set an intention of bringing joy to everyone I interact with.

This could mean complimenting them, providing comedic relief or simply greeting them with a smile.

This type of approach also works when a friend or family member is looking for advice or when you’re needing to have a serious conversation with someone.

Being mindful in how we wish to interact and engage with one another can only help in creating a kinder and more thoughtful world.

While we exercise:

I’ve recently learned that the mind-body connection is an important factor when engaging in exercise or movement.

When we are actively mindful of how our bodies feel when we run, stretch or lift – we are able to ensure that we are getting the most out of our workout.

Taking the time to picture our muscles being engaged and focusing on our breath allows for much more efficiency. We can find what feels good and actively envision ourselves reaching our fitness goals.


Being more present and mindful in any moment allows us to detach ourselves from stressful sitations and look at them with a new perspective. It becomes easier to see the silver lining and understand that everything is happening for a reason. With this mindset, we can begin operating from a state of abundance, rather than lack.

I can honestly say from experience that mindfulness increases clarity and productivity, while decreasing stress levels. I feel more equipped to explore and take on new opportunities while having a clear vision of the direction I want to take my life.

What are some ways mindfulness has helped shape your life?

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