My Doughnut Hangover

My Doughnut Hangover

It was four o’clock in the afternoon and I was lying face down in my bed. My head was pounding and my body ached from head to toe. My limbs felt extremely heavy and I had no energy to do anything that couldn’t be done in a horizontal position. I felt as though I had a hangover.

Ten minutes went by before I mustered up enough energy to get up and go on a hunt for Advil. As I did so, I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I looked absolutely awful. My face was drained of colour and the bags under my eyes were atrocious. I quickly fumbled with the Advil bottle and got out of there as fast as I could. As I flopped back into my bed I began to question what was going on. I had gone to bed at a decent hour last night and hadn’t had anything to drink – it didn’t make sense.

“Maybe the doughnuts you ate yesterday are causing it.” My roommate said to me earlier that day. I had told her I hoped I wasn’t getting sick.

“No way. Doughnuts wouldn’t cause me to have body aches,” I scoffed at her.

The day before, my roommate and I both had the day off and agreed we would spend the evening together playing videos games and eating bad food. We went and purchased a dozen doughnuts and I ended up eating my half within two hours as well as one of hers. I had also made the decision to grab a soft serve ice cream cone on the way home from the doughnut shop. I didn’t even think twice about my choices.

But as I lay there, I began to wonder if she was right. I couldn’t even do my laundry I felt so terrible. I slowly pulled my phone up to my face, opened the browser and typed “sugar hangover.” As I scanned through the first description generated I began to feel nauseous. A sugar hangover is actually a thing? I was disgusted with what I had done to my body. It was crashing as it tried to process all the refined sugars I had loaded into it. I began to feel even worse and quickly closed the browser.

I had learned at a young age that I was a picky eater, so healthy eating wasn’t one of my priorities when it came to choosing meals. I grew up never caring what I ate or what exactly what I ate was doing to my body. The past few years I have been struggling trying to get into a healthy lifestyle with cleaner eating habits. I have fallen off the wagon a few times and yesterday was no exception.

If how I felt wasn’t a cry for help from my body, then I don’t know what was.

As I lay there, twenty-two years old and face smushed into the mattress, silently waiting for the Advil to cure my doughnut hangover, I realized that a change was needed and needed fast.

Have you or anyone you know experienced a sugar hangover?


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